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Collective Memory – Telling the Time

  • A lovely way to challenge your students time-telling abilities
  • What is it? - Those of you who have been following this series of Resources of the Week this year will know what a big fan I am of Collective Memory activities. I think they provide a fun and stimulating lesson resource which are also incredibly effective in challenging students, getting them to work together in a positive way, and crucially of weeding out and nasty, lingering misconceptions about a topic they may have. This particular one is all about telling them time and was designed by a very talented NQT, Emily Grogan. As well as key words, there is also missing information for the students to fill out, making this a very comprehensive and worthwhile activity, and ideal for a transition lesson.
  • How could it be used? - As I explain on my website, there are three main ways of running Collective Memory activities, and the one you choose will largely be dependent on time constraints and the ability/behaviour of your class. The more of these activities I do, the more in favour of the Flash Point Collective Memory I become. This is where instead of the students coming out one at a time to view the poster, the poster is projected up onto the board and the students must look at it for 10 seconds and then try and recreate as much of it as possible in their groups. The real learning then takes place in the plenary when you tease out of the students how they made connections in the poster and what information they found the most difficult to remember. If you haven’t tried a Collective Memory activity yet, then give it a go!
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