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Logic (MEP – Year 7 – Unit 1)

  • Some challenging problems to get students working together
  • What is it? - I know that the title of “Logic” may be off-putting to many people, with visions of Sets and Unions flashing before you eyes. However, the title of this unit is misleading – Problem Solving would be a much more suitable title. This resource comes from the ever reliable CIMT MEP series, and the more I use their resources, the more I love them. As I have mentioned before in this Resource of the Week , each Unit of work comes complete with textbook exercises, mental starters, overhead slides, and best of all a set of rich activities. And it is the rich activities that make this particular resource outstanding and ideally suited for use in a transition lesson.
  • How could it be used? - I have two particular favourites from the Activities part of this resource. The first is “Venn Diagrams”, which is a whole class activity where students are encouraged to go around and talk to their fellow classmates in order to sort everyone into a Venn Diagram. As well as the obvious mathematical merits of such an activity, it also is a nice way of students getting to know each other! Secondly, there is “Plane Passengers”, which is an old style logic problem where students are given statements of information which they must use in order to solve a problem. Again, this is ideal for challenging younger students and encouraging them to work together. This is the type of activity that today would be described as a “Mystery”, and yet here it is, for free, and published nearly 20 years ago!
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