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SS4 Evaluating Statements about Length and Area

  • A lovely, rich challenging activity about length and area
  • What is it? - The Improving Learning in Mathematics resources (otherwise known as “The Standards Units”) have been around for a while now, and like many excellent resources, they are often underused. The materials in this series of resources are challenging, engaging and innovative, and this particular resource is no exception. Students are given a set of 8 statements about length and area which they must discuss and decide whether each one is always true, sometimes true, or always false. An example of a statement is: “If a square and a rectangle have the same perimeter, the square has the smaller area”. Tricky! Best of all, this particular set of statements comes complete with 8 Hint cards, and comprehensive teacher support.
  • How could it be used? - Rich, discussion tasks like this lend themselves perfectly to group work. Perhaps get the students into groups of 4, arm them with a set of cards, scissors, glue and a sheet of colour A3 paper and challenge them to decide on the validity of each of the statements and back up their answers with examples and an explanation on a poster. Students often find this kind of open-ended challenge difficult, so perhaps you could offer them any two of the Hint cards at any stage of the task, but only two! This should encourage them to discuss further within their groups and rely on each other’s ideas and thoughts instead of asking you for help. This is a really good activity that is definitely worth trying out.
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