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Renaissance Mathematics: Big Changes

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  • A great insight into one of the most interesting periods of mathematics history
  • What is it? - The Renaissance was an incredibly significant time in the development of mathematics, and yet if you ask the average student exactly what was going on in the world of maths during the Renaissance you are likely to receive a slightly blank expression. This wonderful pack of resources will hopefully help shed some light onto this fascinating period of time. There are links to excellent video clips by people such as the wonderful Marcus de Sautoy and even a comprehension sheet to make sure your students’ minds are on the job.
  • How could it be used? - This would be good to use before embarking upon a maths project, to try and inspire your students to think outside of the box and to not shy away for any challenges. It would also be good to show at the end of term - not quite the Transformers 2 DVD that your students might demand, but they may just enjoy it.
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