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Applications and Implications: The Historical and Cultural Roots of Mathematics

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  • A brilliant resource to help your department get the history of maths into their lessons
  • What is it? - The NCETM Departmental Workshops are outstanding resources, and this one is no exception. This workshop is designed to give you and your maths department time and a structure for exploring the historical and cultural roots of mathematics and how they might be used in the classroom. There are hands on resources as well as ideas and links to websites. This is a great resource, and if you haven’t checked out the other NCETM Departmental Workshops, then give them a look!
  • How could it be used? - The idea behind the NCETM Departmental Workshops is that they take place in departmental meetings or as part of Inset training time to aid the CPD of your team. They are designed to give both a structure and a focus to department time, and concentrate on an issue or a topic that is a concern or an interest. One person is chosen to lead the session, and all the instructions are contained on the Overview sheet. I would strongly recommend giving these a go to help make the most of the precious time your department gets to spend together.
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