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Fractions Loop Cards

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  • A fun and engaging way to get all the class involved in a bit of fractions and decimals revision.
  • What is it? - I like activities that are quick, effective learning tools and get all the class involved, and this resource certainly fits that criteria. It is a set of “loop cards” designed for revising the key elements of fractions and decimals, such as equivalence and simplifying. What I particularly like about it is the variety of questions used, with little beauties like “which is smaller, 2/3 or 2/6?” and “how do you know if a fraction is improper?”. Students will be kept on their toes and any lingering misconceptions from previous years will be quickly unearthed.
  • How could it be used? - Loop card activities are perfect for starters. If you have a class that have been taught the basics of fractions and decimals before, then this activity is ideal for a quick recap to assess their prior knowledge. Simply cut out the cards, distribute them randomly around the class (if you have less than 30 students then it is fine to give more than one card to a student), choose someone to start and get them to read out the question to the right of their card. For an extra twist, you could give the whole class three lives between them, and have a suitable tortuous punishment lined up if those lives should disappear.
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