Me-time weekend escape winner

Me-time weekend escape winners

The winner of the Luxury Dining weekend escape is Jérôme Garnier (username jegcleeve). He'll be enjoying a 7 course meal at the Michelin-starred Maze Restaurant in London!

Q&A with Jérôme

Why have you deserved some me-time this year?

It has been a very long and intense year for some reason. I have been focusing a lot of my teaching and creating (outstanding) resources which means that I may have neglected myself a little bit.

Who will you take with you on the Luxury Dining weekend?

Very probably one of my closest friends – I might have neglected her a bit. I know, shame on me!

What's been your best and worst dining experiences?

My best dining experience has to be l'Espadon – the restaurant of the Ritz hotel in Paris. Such delicacies… A great experience for the palate. As for the worst, let's say there have been a few… No name and shame but a fair few of them supposedly have a great reputation.

What's the inspiration behind your resources?

Most of my resources are inspired by my own experience as a learner. I am trying to do what I wished my teachers did when I was at school: do things that are engaging and interesting with a lot of interactive elements.

Why do you like sharing resources on TES?

I like sharing my resources because I feel like I am part of a community that goes beyond my department and my school. It is great to see how my resources have been used by other teachers and know what has worked and what hasn't. I especially like to hear about the reaction of the students.

The winner of the Sports Weekend escape is Sian Davies (username helpfulnomad). She’ll be enjoying hospitality tickets to a top-flight football match!

Q&A with Sian

Why have you deserved some me-time this year?

I don't think I've particularly deserved some 'me' time this year, we're all busy as teachers and we all deserve a treat now and again, especially with all the negative press we seem to get in the news these days and the expectations from increasingly barmy governments about the role of teachers in society. I love my job and I love the fact that the TES provides the opportunity for teachers to share resources and win these fabulous competitions!

Who will you take with you on the Sports Weekend?

I will be taking my husband on the Sports Weekend, he is an ardent football supporter and part of our honeymoon was spent at the romantic football stadiums in Barcelona and Madrid.

Do you have a favourite football team?

I don't have a favourite football team, as a Welsh woman I prefer rugby but by default in our house, we are all Liverpool supporters.

What's the inspiration behind your resources?

The inspiration behind my resources comes from many sources: a very good friend shares all of her own outstanding resources on TES and she motivated me to start downloading things myself. I have a fantastic Head of Department who is wonderful and creative and I am fortunate enough to work with an inspiring, encouraging Head Teacher. I have found great resources on TES, particularly when I was stuck for ideas myself and I remember those NQT days when everything was about planning.

Why do you like sharing resources on TES?

It's always difficult to find time for uploading resources, but it is a buzz when you see how many people actually download and hopefully use them. It's like a vast cyber space department where we can all share the best ideas. We all need inspiration sometimes and I just hope that people find my resources useful I would encourage other people to upload their own resources because it gives us all a bit more time, there's absolutely no point at all in re-inventing the wheel if there are good things around already. If something has been fun or exciting or memorable or just downright silly in your classroom, get it on TES now so we can all have a look at it and share that creativity in the classroom. Plus you can enter TES competitions like this one and win great prizes!

The winner of the Spa Break Weekend escape is Meg Cooper (username mc403). She’ll be pampered during a one night spa break, with dinner and breakfast included.

Q&A with Meg

Why have you deserved some me-time this year?

I think I deserve some "me time" because I'm towards the end of my PGCE and have had essays to write every holiday so far, so I really need a break.

Who will you take with you on the Spa Break?

I'll probably take another of the ladies off my course as we're all in need of some relaxation, which is what I'm looking forward to on the break.

What's the inspiration behind your resources?

At the moment every lesson I plan is new and I have to come up with an approach to teaching it that works for me. I'm trying to generate a bank of resources for myself that I can adapt next year when I know I'll have even less time.

Why do you like sharing resources on TES?

I have definitely used TES for ideas and activities and I started sharing resources because I realised that they might be useful when other people in the department that I'm training in asked to copy them. To anyone who hasn't shared a resource I'd say that any resources you share give other people a little "me time"!

The winner of the West End weekend escape is escape is Heather Thomas (username feather71). She'll be enjoying a stage show in London plus a Champagne flight on the London Eye.

Q&A with Heather

Why have you deserved some me-time this year?

I had a promotion to a new school in September, so lots of extra work and getting used to a whole new way of working. TES resources have definitely helped me out a lot this year!

Who will you take with you on the West End break?

My (non-teaching) partner as a treat for putting up with all my long hours. He's been so supportive of my career and probably deserves this more than me!

What's your favourite play/musical?

My favourite musical is West Side Story and favourite play is A Streetcar Named Desire. I'm looking forward to broadening my tastes a little with my prize.

What's the inspiration behind your resources?

Creating simple yet interesting kinaesthetic activities to engage all abilities. I think it's great to have resources that can be used time and time again in different ways and that encourage lots of pupil exploration and discussion.

Why do you like sharing resources on TES?

I look there for inspiration; when I couldn't find resources for a new text I was teaching, it seemed a good idea to share what I made as a result. I thought there must be others searching for resources for the same text! Hopefully my contribution will come to someone else's rescue.

How would you encourage someone who has never uploaded a resource before to do so?

Just think about how helpful it is to find the perfect resource yourself – good teaching is a lot about sharing good ideas.

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