Minibeast resources, games, activities, lesson plans, posters, worksheets and displays


Minibeast games, activities, displays, posters, worksheets and plans

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Minibeast games and activities

  • Minibeast habitats PowerPoint with a rhyme about minibeasts and matching minibeasts to their habitats activity.
  • Minibeast fans A pack of eight minibeast fans, along with possible questions you can ask the children.
  • Insects and minibeasts Activity topics including Hungry Caterpillar, butterflies, ladybirds, habitats and bugs.
  • Minibeast lotto PowerPoint of cards with photos, symbols and drawings to match with minibeast names.
  • Where to find minibeasts A garden in which the children can place various minibeasts, to start off minibeast habitat discussions.

Minibeast pictures

  • Minibeast display Photos, vocabulary and questioning, for a stimulating Minibeast Investigation Area.
  • Minibeast slideshow A set of 24 slides showing photographs of various minibeasts, for a great introduction to the topic.

Minibeast worksheets

  • Butterfly Symmetry A simple worksheet for matching the correct symmetrical image to each butterfly.
  • Minibeast sorting Animal pictures to sort into sets that hatch from an egg and those that do not.
  • Minibeast hunt A worksheet with minibeast pictures that children can use to keep a tally.

Minibeast lesson plans

  • Dictionary planning Weekly planning, including shared reading looking at a minibeast encyclopedia
  • Minibeast links A list of resources for a FS/KS1 minibeast topic, including fiction and non-fiction books and websites.