My Money Week teaching resources

In an age of austerity, it is perhaps more important than ever to be savvy about your personal finances. However many school children still find managing money an alien concept, and so My Money Week was launched in 2009 to teach children about this important topic. Planning a lesson around this theme needn’t break the bank thanks to these free offerings, which include vibrant activity packs and practical exercises galore.

Official resources

pfeg (Personal Finance Education Group) runs the national activity week and offers free resources to help teachers run their own My Money Week in school. Its fundamental aim is to improve financial capability for young people in primary and secondary schools. 

Local money

Find out about Glasshouses Primary School’s transition project that helps to keep the cost of living low while supporting the local economy.


This video comes with teaching resources for a half-day event focusing on money.

Financial friends

This interesting case study shows how one school has introduced peer-mentoring for money education.

The college game

Wondering what life may be like for your bank balance at college? This game gives a great insight into the likely expenditure and budgeting students will have to be wary of at college.

A school shopping experience

Let the shopping begin! Pupils are given ‘money’ to spend in specially created school shops as part of an exciting idea that introduces budget balancing, decision making and priority spending.

Luxury or necessity?

Students learn the difference between needs and wants and how they can drastically change how much money is spent from purchase to purchase.

Money snap

Bring this old card game back into the classroom to help pupils become familiar with coins.

The big list of money resources

If you are struggling for money management resources, this comprehensive set of colourful and inventive ideas is the answer to your problem.

User-generated resources

Money now

How do you spend your money?

Day-to-day spending is put in the spotlight with these activities from Wayland, which focus on wants and needs and how they can affect where money ends up.

Budgeting challenge

Pupils must stay within budget while getting the best deal for a dinner party shopping list using comparison websites.

Budgeting and spending board game

Spend your way up the board to win this game of risk and decision-making.

Are you sensible with your money?

This is a good starter quiz to get students pondering the effectiveness of their money-saving habits.

Money quiz

Another offering from Wayland books determines if students are savers or spenders, or – ideally – somewhere in between.

Preparing for the future

Minted: the money management guide

The National Children’s Bureau’s guide gives lesson ideas in conjunction with money management information for spend-thrifts and big spenders.

Earnings and the future

Give your students a dose of reality by looking at the costs of living and the differences between job pay packets.