New Year teaching resources

Take a look at our lovely collection of free teaching resources focused on the upcoming new year and featuring calendars, poetry, goal setting and plenty of celebrations – all shared by teachers, for teachers.

New Year resources

Culture/history New Year introduction

A PowerPoint presentation to discuss the meaning of New Year and New Year’s resolutions.

New Year around the world

A display poster of children holding hands around the world to prompt a discussion on cultural differences and similarities.

EAL worksheet: My Christmas and New Year

A printable worksheet with a reading activity and an accompanying writing template for pupils to fill in.


New Year resolution goal sheet

A worksheet to use for New Year’s resolutions and wishes for self and the community, also to set a goal for the coming term.

New Year’s resolutions assembly pack

Help your pupils to reflect on the meaning of the New Year, and the opportunities it presents, with this assembly pack.

New Year acrostic poem template

A simple and colourful acrostic poem template for New Year.


Recycling your Christmas cards

A PowerPoint presentation about recycling after Christmas and protecting the environment.


An interactive PowerPoint presentation in which students use their sorting skills to look at recycling on a basic level.

Cultural Festivals

Kwanzaa festival

An information sheet on the rituals and values of the African-American Kwanzaa celebration.

French King’s Day song (La Fête des Rois )

A presentation combining information and a story about this French celebration that takes place in January, ending with a song.

New term, new targets

Understanding targets (short/long term goals)

A tutorial activity to help pupils understand the difference between long-term and short-term targets.

SMART target resources

A PowerPoint presentation with a tutorial on how to set SMART targets.

Using calendars

Using calendars to help your pupils at the start of a new year

Show your pupils how to use calendars with this handy resource.

Developing literacy skills with calendars

A set of calendar worksheets with opportunities to talk about the season, the weather and special days.

Colouring templates for calendars

Four different printable colouring in templates to use as a calendar for any year.