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Last night the Force India Formula 1 race team found themselves trapped as riot police and protesters clashed on the streets of Manama, Bahrain’s capital, casting doubts about whether it is safe to host this weekend’s Grand Prix in the country.

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Bahrain F1 doubts

Despite continuing protests outside the grounds of the Bahrain Grand Prix yesterday the race went ahead without disruption. Last Friday concerns were raised about whether teams would pull out of Sunday's race as riot police and protesters clashed on the streets of the country’s capital Manama. The Formula 1 race team from Force India narrowly avoided being hit by firebombs thrown by the crowd. The protests in Bahrain, inspired by last year’s Arab Spring, began in February 2011 with an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the monarchy. Campaigning has continued since, with the recent anniversary of last year's demonstrations sparking more vigorous and more violent protesting.

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