In the news - England’s national anthem?

Prime Minister David Cameron has revealed that his choice of a national anthem for England would be the William Blake hymn Jerusalem.

In the news: Teaching resources - 17 July

England’s green and pleasant land deserves its own anthem, says Prime Minister

Prime Minister David Cameron has revealed that his choice of a national anthem for England would be the William Blake hymn "Jerusalem".

A ConservativeHome blog disclosed that Mr Cameron had made his view clear at a reception for the Conservative Future group earlier this month.

Blake’s poem, first printed in 1808, was set to music by Sir Hubert Parry in 1916 at the request of the Poet Laureate Robert Bridges, who thought it would make an appropriately patriotic hymn to rally the nation during the First World War.

The UK’s national anthem “God Save the Queen” is currently used for English sporting events, and will also be used for any sporting triumphs for Team GB at this summer’s Olympics.

However, at individual sporting events for Scotland and Wales separate anthems are used; Scotland has “Flower of Scotland”, while Wales plays “Land of My Fathers”.

A letter sent by a cross-party group of MPs and representatives of think-tanks to The Daily Telegraph in April of this year argues that “[a]n English anthem for the talented, diverse teams that represent us on the sporting field would help modern patriotic pride to defeat prejudice".

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