In the news - Exam watchdog to recommend scrapping of modules for A level

A-level modules could be scrapped under new guidelines designed to introduce more rigour into the exams system.

In the news: Teaching Resources - 18 June

Exam watchdog to recommend scrapping of modules for A levels

A-level modules could be scrapped under new guidelines designed to introduce more rigour into the exams system.

The potential reforms to A levels are being published next week as a consultation document by the exams watchdog Ofqual. Ofqual has said that it will be advocating a move back to end of year exams, and it has been suggested that the watchdog will call for a single set of exams at the end of the two-year course, which could result in the AS level qualification being abandoned altogether.

Other plans expected to be announced in the document include a greater role for universities in the design of A-level syllabi. A spokesman for the Department for Education said that reform was necessary in order to prepare pupils for higher education and the workplace. “We want universities to take over designing these exams so that standards are raised and confidence is restored,” he said.

The TES and exam board OCR have launched the Great A level Debate as part of exam watchdog Ofqual’s consultation on the structure and design of the exams. Over the months ahead, TES will be hosting online debates and surveys in a bid to find out what teachers think of the so-called “gold standard” and how they want the qualification to develop over the next few years.

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