In the news - National Gallery puts on a peep show

London’s National Gallery is inviting visitors to play peeping Tom with its latest show by spying on a series of naked women called Diana as they bathe wearing only jewellery.

In the news: Teaching resources - 10 July

National Gallery puts on a peep show

London's National Gallery is inviting visitors to play peeping Tom with its latest show by spying on a series of naked women called Diana as they bathe wearing only jewellery. Metamorphosis: Titian 12, which opens tomorrow, reunites three Titians depicting the myth of Diana and Actaeon and features an installation by Turner Prize winning artist Mark Wallinger called ‘Diana’.

Wallinger’s work was inspired by the Titians which form the centrepiece of the exhibition and feature scenes from Greek mythology. The paintings tell the story of how the young hunter Actaeon stumbled upon Goddess of the Hunt Diana bathing in the nude and turned into a stag to be torn apart by his own dogs in revenge.

For Wallinger, the Diana and Actaeon myth is “the ultimate fable about voyeurism". He told The Huffington Post: "Diana is about watching and being caught in the act and evolved out of my desire to find a way of representing Diana bathing in a contemporary way."

For his installation Wallinger used Twitter to find six Dianas who were willing to strip off in public. The women work in two-hour shifts and are viewed via peepholes, keyholes and blinds. He said there were very few rules for what his models could and could not do but they had to behave "suitably goddess-ish".

The installation is being met with mixed reviews. “It looks like the fine line between art and smut just got a little bit finer,” said one viewer. Others claim the work is reminiscent of great paintings by Degas. But Nicholas Penny, director of the National Gallery, believes that the installation “makes you think about the spectator's position in relation to art.”

Metamorphosis: Titian 2012 runs until September 23rd.

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