In the news - O2 customers inconvenienced by network outage

In the news: Teaching resources - 12 July

Few lols as O2 network outage leaves thousands without coverage

Thousands of mobile phone users have been left without signal for nearly a day after a major network failure.

Many customers of the O2 network – the second-largest in the UK – have found themselves without mobile phone service, including the ability to send and receive texts and calls.

A spokesman for O2 said that engineers believe that the fault lies with how mobile phones register with the network. This means that, in theory, someone without service could be in the same vicinity as another O2 customer who is able to make and receive calls and texts as normal.

Many disgruntled customers took to social media sites to register their discontent. They included choirmaster Gareth Malone, who said that he was finding the phone silence "disconcerting".

"What if there's an emergency?" he tweeted. "I haven't used a phone box since 1998."

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