News Quiz 2013: April and May

News Quiz 2013: April and May

News Quiz 2013: April and May

Put your students' news knowledge to the test!

1. Commander Chris Hadfield became an internet sensation during his time in space. He released this music video the day before he flew back to Earth. Who wrote and sang this song originally?

2. Which of these items is the odd one out and why?

a) An Egyptian bride
b) A KFC bargain bucket
c)An iPhone
d) A tiger

3. David Beckham announced his retirement from football in May. Which footballer did he jokingly say had caused his decision to hang up his boots?

a) Cristiano Ronaldo
b) Gareth Bale
c) Lionel Messi
d) Wayne Rooney

4. This world-renowned physicist hit the headlines for choosing to boycott a conference in Israel. Who is he?

5. St George’s Day was celebrated on 23 April. St George is the patron saint of England. Can you name the patron saints for Wales, Scotland and Ireland?

6. True or False: Hong Kong was in the news in May because a giant rubber duck was found deflated in one of its harbours.

7. Which princess caused problems for Disney after people objected to her glamorous makeover?

a) Jasmine, from Aladdin
b) Aurora, from Sleeping Beauty
c) Merida, from Brave
d) Cinderella, from Cinderella

8. The discovery of this dog-sized dinosaur was in May. It’s thought to be possibly the oldest dinosaur in the world. But where was it found?

9. Cern restored the first ever website in April to mark a significant web anniversary. How many years ago did Sir Tim Berners-Lee create the World Wide Web?

10. Which Hollywood A-lister lived on only $1.50 a day for a week in April to raise awareness of poverty?

a) Angelina Jolie
b) Ben Affleck
c) Russell Crowe
d) Jennifer Lawrence

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