News Quiz 2013: April and May - Answers

News Quiz 2013: April and May - Answers

News Quiz 2013: April and May - Answers

1. David Bowie. Commander Hadfield spent six months in space, during which time he made multiple videos about his time at the International Space Station. Read more here.

2. d) A tiger. All the other items have been smuggled in to the Gaza Strip from Egypt. Read more here.

3. c) Lionel Messi. David Beckham joked that he knew it was time to retire once he saw the Barcelona player run past him. Read more here.

4. He is Stephen Hawking. The Cambridge professor decided to take part in an academic boycott of Israel. Read more here.

5. The patron saint for Wales is St David. Find St David’s Day resources.
The patron saint for Scotland is St Andrew. Find St Andrew’s Day resources.
The patron saint for Ireland is St Patrick. Find St Patrick’s Day resources.

6. True! The 16.5m duck is a piece of conceptual art by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, and has been touring the world since 2007.

7. c) Merida, from Brave. The Pixar-created princess was originally hailed as an “empowering role model”, but critics of her makeover said that she now told girls that they “must conform to a narrow definition of beauty”. Read more here.

8. It was found in Alberta, Canada by researchers from the University of Toronto. Read more here.

9. The World Wide Web was introduced on 30 April 1993, making it 20 years old. Read more here.

10. b) Ben Affleck. The star was hoping to raise awareness of his charity, the Eastern Congo Initiative. Read more here.