Next week in school

TES 4 November 2011

Next week in school


  • Encourage healthy eating and help to get children enthused and creative about fresh food and how it’s prepared around the world with these resources from LACA National School Meals Week

Tuesday 8 November - YOUNGEST US PRESIDENT

  • (1960) John F.Kennedy becomes the youngest president in the history of America when he wins the election by a narrow victory. Discuss his life and legacy with a resource shared by allenk

Wednesday 9 November - FALL OF THE BERLIN WALL

  • This day in 1989 marks the fall of the Berlin wall, one of the most infamous symbols of the Cold War. Teach your pupils about it with video clips and animations from cjs_uk

Thursday 10 November - LADY CHATTERLEY SELLS OUT

  • (1960) DH Lawrence’s sexually explicit novel sells out – 20,000 copies - on the first day of publication after being banned in Britain for 30 years Find out more about the author and his life here

Friday 11 November - REMEMBRANCE DAY

  • This whole-school assembly – suitable for any 1, 2 or 3 form entry junior school -encourages pupils to learn about Remembrance Day and the symbolism associated with it. Try a popular resource from the TES Resources Teamn

Saturday 12 November - BYE BYE POUND NOTE

  • (1984) Official announcement that the English pound note – better known as the ‘quid’ - is to disappear after more than 150 years, despite Margaret Thatcher saying the coin to replace it was ‘unpopular.’ Teach children the value of money with the TES money collection

Sunday 13 November - HELLO GREECE

  • (1864) The new constitution of Greece is adopted – but there was no vive le change. Courtiers curried favour, the king could dismiss parliament, and apparently there were ongoing money problems. No change there then. Read more about it.

TES 4 November 2011