Next week in school

TES 13 January 2012

Next week in school

Monday 16 January -BIG SCHOOLS BIRDWATCH 16-30 Jan

  • (and Martin Luther King Day) Conservationists are urging international action to save migratory birds such as the turtle dove, wood warbler and yellow wagtail. The TES Resource Team has compiled this resource with the RSPB

Tuesday 17 January -FIRST MORNING TV

  • (1983) The BBC launches Breakfast Time, Britain’s first breakfast news television programme, launching astrologer Russell Grant almost a decade before he was fired out of a cannon in Strictly Come Dancing. Does television make us lazy? Debate with this resource from TES English

Wednesday 18 January -CANCER TALK WEEK 18-22 JAN

  • Focuses on the emotional impact and practical issues of those living with cancer – and their carers. This resource from lizardo comes with a free pack from Macmillan to help teach children about cancer

Thursday 19 January -IN BRIEF

  • Coopers Inc. – now known as Jockey – launches the world’s first briefs, dispensing with leg sections and with a Y-shaped overlapping fly. (It was dubbed the Jockey as it offered as much support as a jockstrap.) A resource from collaborative on personal hygiene. Are you a stinker?


  • Democrat John F.Kennedy is sworn in as the youngest ever elected president of the US. The 43-year-old Roman Catholic began his speech ‘my fellow citizens’ a term first used by President George Washington. This resource from allenk looks at his legacy

Saturday 21 January -BON ANNIVERSAIRE (and National Hug Day in America!)

  • (1905) The birthday of Christian Dior, the French fashion designer who dressed Nazi wives and gave the world The New Look. His sister had a less happy war – a member of the French resistance she was sent to a concentration camp. See this resource from Susan K on iconic products.


  • Campaign to highlight the importance of breakfast and raise awareness of the range and quality of produce available in the UK. This resource from ChristianAid looks at farming of the future

TES 13 January 2012