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TES 9 December 2011

Next week in school


  • (1982) More than 30,000 women gathered to hold hands on Greenham Common to form a human chain around the nine mile fence to protest against plans to site nuclear missiles there. The historic protest lasted 19 years. Follow this link for a personal account.

Tuesday 13 December -MONKEY LOST IN SPACE (1958)

  • The American army abandons the search for Gordo, a squirrel monkey fired into space in a rocket which flew for just 15 minutes, sparking angry protests from animal rights groups. Follow a resource from ZoeSalmon for a lesson plan on animal rights.

Wednesday 14 December -CAPTURE OF SADDAM HUSSEIN (2003)

  • The ousted President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, was captured by US soldiers after being found hidden in a tiny bunker 10 miles south of his home town Tikrit. The ever eloquent Americans announced: ‘We got him.’ See a PowerPoint on American propaganda from maddicks

Thursday 15 December -NERO’S BIRTHDAY (37AD)

  • The fifth Emperor of the Roman Empire – and arguably the most famous – who poisoned his mother and was renowned for burning captured Christians in his garden to provide light. He committed suicide in 68AD. Learn more in a powerpoint quiz about early Christians from allenk

Friday 16 December -DEATH BY NUMBERS

  • (1969) British MPs vote in a large majority for the permanent abolition of the death penalty for murder. The voting was 343 in favour, 185 against – giving a majority of 158, to permanently end hanging in Britain. Follow this link to learn about the UK’s campaign to abolish the death penalty globally.

Saturday 17 December -BIRTH OF ‘STRANGE BUT TRUE’ (1823)

  • Lord Byron was known for his infamously wild personal life. But few would know the poet also created the phrase ‘truth is stranger than fiction.’ Hear part of his lengthy poem Don Juan, considered his masterpiece, and published on this date, by following this free link

Sunday 18 December -HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRAD (1963)

  • He says he’ll quit acting when he’s 50 so today he’s one year closer to retirement. His real name is William Bradley Pitt. Also a generous philanthropist, he and Angelina Jolie have donated millions to charities including Doctors Without Borders (Medicines sans Frontieres) Read more about the charity here

TES 9 December 2011