Next week in school

TES 2 December 2011

Next week in school

Monday 5 December - THE GREAT SMOG

  • Also known as The Big Smoke this was the most severe air pollution event ever to affect Great Britain. Coal fires were partly to blame. Some 12,000 people died in London and 100,000 were made ill. Learn about pollution and its effects in a resource from rihanrebecca

Tuesday 6 December - TREE DRESSING DAY

  • A major festival which celebrates trees and woods through tree dressings, story telling and verse. Learn more with a resource from TES Resource Team

ST NICHOLAS’ DAY - see TES links page

Wednesday 7 December - JAPANESE BOMB PEARL HARBOUR (1941)

  • Japan attacks the American naval base in Pearl Harbour, Hawaii and declares war on Britain and the United States – the event which brought America into the Second World War. For an investigation try a resource from Phammerton

Thursday 8 December - JOHN LENNON SHOT (1980)

  • Former Beatle John Lennon dies after being shot outside his Dakota apartment on Manhattan’s Upper Side, opposite Central Park in New York – a torch burns outside the building to this day. Follow this BBC link to video reports on the day

Friday 9 December - PARADISE LOST

  • Birthday of celebrated English poet John Milton (1608 – 1674) who was also a polemicist and civil servant for the Commonwealth of England. Milton wrote in Latin and Italian as well as English. Study the background to Paradise lost in a PowerPoint from Miss_s_k

Saturday 10 December - HUMAN RIGHTS DAY


  • Whether they inspire you to climb, or you’re content to view them from afar, there’s something mystical about mountains. Follow this link for a resource from the TES Resource Team to get reams of facts, together with photos of the most spectacular mountains throughout the world.

TES 2 December 2011