Nocturnal animals collection

As night falls and we fall into a deep slumber, some creatures are just waking up. Help your pupils learn about how these fascinating animals are specially adapted for the night environment.

Living in darkness

  • Imitate the darkness of the forest as students carry out touch and sound tasks with their eyes shut.

Nocturnal animal fact file

  • An engaging fact file to help pupils learn all about the animals they might see prowling about the local countryside.

Nocturnal animal word problems

  • The bat is not a creature to be feared; this comprehension task sheds light on this fancinating creature.

The advantages of being nocturnal

  • Why are certain animals so successful at living in darkness and how do they do it? This resource reveals all.

All about foxes

  • Nocturnal animal comprehension that asks pupils to pay close attention to the text or they’ll miss the key fox facts.

Nocturnal animals Sats

  • A fantastic resource with Sats style questions and activities on all things nocturnal.

Nocturnal animal display material

  • Envelop your classroom with the creatures of the night with these pictures, name tags and labels.

Treasure hunt

  • Enthuse and excite your students with a treasure hunt to find the missing words in their nocturnal animal facts.

Nocturnal animal shelters

  • Get creative by building a safe shelter for an animal to use when it gets dark outside.

Nocturnal animals

  • A child friendly video showing some nocturnal animals in action and their adaptations.

Nocturnal and diurnal animals

  • Engaging narration and immersive animal footage ensure pupils will be learning about animal adaptations in no time.

Nocturnal animals punctuation

  • Using the theme of nocturnal animals, pupils are put to the test to get their punctuation right.

The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark

  • Pupils find out why Plop the owl thought the dark was fascinating while learning many facts on the nocturnal instincts of the owl.

Nocturnal animal bingo

  • A scavenger-hunt-cum-bingo fusion results in a fun and interesting way to consolidate learning on nocturnal animals.

Nocturnal animals - worksheets and activities

  • This hands-on activity is from TES partner Wildscreen is designed to teach students about nocturnal animals and the senses they employ to navigate life in the dark.