October hot topics

Keep your teaching topical with our free teaching resources for events in October. Have a look below and find out how you can theme your lessons to a variety of events, including Halloween, Black History Month and Learn to Sign Week.

Black History Month

Celebrate the achievements of black people throughout history with these assemblies, worksheets and classroom activities

Try this collection of hand-picked Black History Month resources

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International Walk to School Month

Swap four wheels for two feet this month and teach pupils about healthy living, road safety and how walking can be fun.

Hand-picked Walk to School resources

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School Libraries Month

October is the perfect time to encourage students to switch tablets and phones off, get down the library and enjoy a classic children's book.

Try this collection of hand-picked resources to promote reading.

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Learn to Sign Week (4th -10th)

Create an inclusive atmosphere for hearing-impaired students and help others communicate with their deaf peers.

Try this collection of hand-picked sign language resources

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National Poetry Day (4th)

"Stars" is the theme of this year's National Poetry Day. Inspire students to gaze up at the night sky and pen their own masterpiece with these lesson plans, activities and worksheets.

Try this collection of hand-picked poetry resources

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Dyslexia awareness week (8th-14th)

Use this week as an opportunity to reflect on the daily struggles faced by people with dyslexia, but also use it to give dyslexic students the confidence they need to be successful.

Try this collection of hand-picked spelling support resources

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Battle of Hastings (14th)

On this date in 1066 William the Conqueror led his troops into a battle that changed the course of English history forever.

Try this collection of hand-picked Battle of Hastings resources

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One World Week (21st-28th)

This year's event asks how we can shape our lives to contribute to an equitable future for all. The week is a great excuse to encourage students to celebrate the diversity of the world.

Try this collection of hand-picked One World Week resources

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Hajj/Eid-ul-Adha (26th)

Celebrate the second most important festival in the Muslim calendar and teach students about the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca.

Try this collection of hand-picked Hajj and Eid-ul-Adha resources

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Halloween (31st)

It's the time of year for trick-or-treating and ghoulish games; find out how you can get some spookily good lessons themed around this yearly event.

Try this collection of Halloween resources

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See what's coming up next month in November's topical teaching page!