Olympic and Paralympic games resources

The Olympic and Paralympic Games offer a host of learning opportunities for pupils of all ages. Contribute to our collection of teaching materials for London 2012 by sharing your resources inspired by the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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  1. Click on "Add a new resource"

  2. Upload your file(s) and add any weblinks that you would like to share

  3. Give your resource a meaningful title

  4. Who is your resource for? Say what key stage(s) and curriculum topic the resource is relevant to (and if it's a whole school resource or one suitable for children with special needs).

  5. Select the month "July" and event name "Olympic Games 2012" or the month "August" and event name "Paralympic Games" from the calendar dropdown menu, to associate your resource(s) with these events

To find out in more detail about uploading and sharing your resources go to Resources Help or download the How to upload and download resources guide