One World Week

Sharing Destiny: Moving Towards One World

How can we shape our lives to contribute towards a fair and equitable world for all? One World Week, a developmental charity, asks this very question of teachers, pupils and community members. Help your pupils to understand more about issues that affect us all and raise awareness of local and global issues with this fabulous collection of free teaching resources on TES, all shared by teachers, for teachers.


Global Citizenship for Young Children

This wonderful worksheet activity from Global Citizenship for Young Children will help you to encourage your pupils to think about different cultures.

It’s not FAIR!

Use this active class game from CAFOD to demonstrate the injustice of the world’s poverty problems.

What is religion? An approach for all ages

This PowerPoint lesson explores religion using models and symbols of jigsaw, kaleidoscope, music and dance. It also includes philosophical debates suitable for older pupils.

Who are you? Where are you from?

Try out this excellent global citizenship-themed week for younger primary pupils. Ask your pupils who they are and where they come from. The next day focuses on their school and the days that follow take a step closer to looking at how we all belong to a global community.

Everyone is Unique

An interactive resource on diversity which includes a like/don’t like activity to help pupils understand that everyone is unique.

Picture the Global Dimension photo activity

This fun and informative photo activity, in which pupils are asked: “what’s global about this picture?”, can be differentiated to suit all ages and can be linked with many curriculum areas.


Enough food for everyone

A series of lessons with group activities and images to promote discussion of poverty and global inequality.

Community Cohesion

An excellent PowerPoint resource on community cohesion, showing some of the many faces which make up the UK. Supports visual literacy and verbal communication.

Identity, race and membership

Explore issues of identity, race, and the need for tolerance and understanding with a cross-curricular activity from Google, mapping the cultural and geographical origins of the class.

Multicultural Britain

This lesson plan from TrueTube looks at the advantages and disadvantages of living in a multicultural society, and is suitable for older secondary students.

Open Minded

A fantastic assembly on the importance of being open minded. Includes memorable quotes from Terry Pratchett and John Keats, and can be differentiated and adapted for different age groups.

Non-Violence and the Civil Rights Movement

A lesson plan and pupil worksheet that uses quotes from key members of the Civil Rights Movement in the US to consider issues of justice, power and the debate about violent versus non-violent approaches in modern society.

Equal Rights for Women – Christianity and Islam

A brilliant series of resources, including videos and activities, on the issue of equal rights for women and community cohesion through the lenses of Christianity and Islam.

Equality and Diversity through Art

A series of resources, including videos and activities, on the issue of equal rights for women and community cohesion through the lenses of Christianity and Islam.