Oscars 2015 teaching resources

87th Academy Awards

Sunday 22 February marks the biggest night in the Hollywood calendar: the 87th Academy Awards. With the red carpet rolled out and an array of stars ready to add more than a touch of glamour, we’ve put together a special collection of film-related resources to help you and your class celebrate some of the greatest stories of the silver screen.

Into Film resources

Watch and learn from screen masters as they talk to students about Hollywood movie-making and how to write a great review:

Long-forgotten gems

A journey through some classic movies that were pipped to the post in the Best Picture category.

Films about films

Explore films that address the nature of filmmaking with this guide and set of activities.

Maleficent and anti-bullying

This interview with the stars of Oscar nominated Maleficent looks at some of the themes of the film, as well as the differences between stage and screen performance.

The Imitation Game

These interviews with the cast of The Imitation Game − nominated in eight Oscar categories − can be used to stimulate discussion in a variety of subjects.


Explore storytelling and filmmaking with the cast of Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar.

Into Film profile

Find out more about Into Film and explore more film-related resources.

Ages 5-11

Oscars themed resources

A selection of adaptable Oscars-themed activities.

Teachers TV: History and Hollywood

See the role that historical experts play in turning facts of the past into epic movies of the present.

Going up with a bang

Stunt-scientist Mik Jacobs explains the combustion principles behind movie explosions.

Selling The Bear

Could your pupils be the film distributors of the future? Check out their skills with this film trailer production activity from Hamilton Trust.

Ages 11-16

The silver screen collection

This range of resources for film and media studies covers genre, early cinema, censorship, studio systems, marketing and the Oscar-nominated film City of God.

What makes a trailer?

In this task, students analyse what makes a successful film trailer.

The sound of the screen

Introduce the importance of the movie soundtrack and get students composing their own score with this workbook.

From cell to camera to cinema

A selection of film activities that cover storyboarding, camera techniques and film reviews.

‘Get busy living, or get busy dying’

Explore how film techniques are used to express key themes and stereotypes in The Shawshank Redemption.

ESL Oscars

An Oscars-themed worksheet for students studying English as a second language.

Media mind games

A collection of starter activities to get students thinking creatively about film.

Film review notes

Help students to organise their thoughts and ideas with this film review planning sheet.