Oxfam Water Week teaching resources

Oxfam Water Week (6-10 July) gives 7- to 14-year-olds the opportunity to learn about global issues while they develop their skills and values as active global citizens. Inspire your students to take action by providing them with knowledge and understanding of water vulnerability around the world.

Oxfam resources


Oxfam photo galleries

Water diary

Discover how much we rely on water with this thoughtful diary of a day’s water use.

Water for life

First-hand experiences of water shortage are explored in this PowerPoint presentation about children in Africa.

Water for all

Classroom activities, quizzes, colour photos and case studies to enhance your Water Week teaching.

Water vulnerability in Liberia

Information on irrigation projects in Liberia and how they are being used to help small scale farmers.

TESiBoard activities

Persuasive writing – Drought leaflet

Pupils can persuade people to give drought-affected countries donations with this interactive TESiBoard activity.

Describing drought

Explore problems caused by drought and practise simple reading skills with this visually dynamic TESiBoard activity.

Water infrastructure and vulnerability

Explore water vulnerability, the importance of infrastructure and water success stories with this activity from TESiBoard.

Other resources

Playful point – Water awareness

Help students highlight the issues by creating their own water awareness board game.

Water depletion in Africa

Look at how water in Africa is threatened by climate change with this video from Green TV.

Water facts

Amaze your class with these facts and statistics about water that could be used as an assembly slide show or display posters during Water Week.

Safe water assembly

Give an effective assembly on the issue of safe water with this PowerPoint presentation from Christian Aid.

Why water matters

This resource features a short video clip and follow-up activities on the importance of water.