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Paired mathematics

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Learning Together in Mathematics is a method of learning in maths in which discussion between two students (tutor and tutee) is used to solve maths questions. The tutor should be about two-years older than the tutee.

The role of the tutor is to provide support and mediate the learning processes for the tutee. In order to do this the tutor will try to ensure that the tutee attempts to answer maths questions using a structured approach.

It is the job of the tutor to keep the tutee working within this structured framework. It is the job of the tutee to do the actual working out to arrive at an answer to a maths question.

Learning Together in Mathematics focuses on pairs of students working together and solving maths questions in three main steps:

  • Understanding the question
  • Finding an answer to the question
  • Finishing the question by asking themselves what have they done and how it links

To facilitate this discussion, the tutee uses the following strategies:

To understand the question:

  • Read
  • Identify
  • Listen

Finding an answer to the question:

  • Question
  • Praise
  • Think out loud

The tutor should finish the question by talking about what have they done and how it links to things they have done in the past:

  • Check the process and the answer
  • Sum-it-up
  • Link-it-up

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