Parliament Week

Why do we have laws? Who decides them? Why should people vote? Who were the suffragettes? What goes on in the House of Lords? In short: what does Parliament do? Explore these questions and more with your class during Parliament Week (14-20 November), a national initiative that aims to help people engage with parliamentary democracy in the UK.

To help you in the classroom, we’ve put together a fantastic selection of free resources, many from the Parliament Education Service and others from teachers on TES Connect, all designed with teachers in mind.

Create the debate

Mimic Parliament with a class debate using Parliament Education Service’s “create the debate” lesson plan and resource pack.
This resource is also available in Welsh.

An introduction to Parliament

Introduce your pupils to the three main parts of UK Parliament in a fun and engaging way with this whiteboard resource.

How does the House of Lords work?

Download this video to explore the roles, responsibilities and processes of the House of Lords with your class.

Elections and voting

Compare the main features of major voting systems in elected bodies around the UK with this interactive resource.

The history of Parliament

Take your pupils on a journey through time with this playful, animated and interactive timeline that tells the story of the Westminster Parliament.


Help your class to understand parliamentary referendums with this web article from the Parliament Education Service, which explains everything in a clear and accessible way.

Get the Houses in order!

This fast-paced memory game uses the Palace of Westminster’s iconic buildings to help Key Stage 2 students learn about Parliament.

Suffragettes Lesson Plan

Encourage pupils to consider the inequalities faced by women in the past and to be aware that action can bring about change.

My Parliamentary scrapbook

Pupils in Key Stage 3 can explore Parliament with this colourful scrap book full of notes, images, activities and fun facts about the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

Art House Lesson Plan

The Art House teachers’ pack is a standalone resource to help you explore different parliamentary artworks in the classroom.

Running a school council

Why not use this resource from the Parliament Education Service to inspire your school council to take part in the Speaker’s School Council Awards!

The Coalition

This extensive lesson material examines the formation of the Coalition since the 2010 General Election, using the 5 Days That Changed Britain documentary.

Sources of authority balloon debate

This activity is perfect for introducing primary school pupils to ideas around rules and laws in a fun and accessible way.

MP for a week

Do your pupils think they could do a better job than Parliament? Put them to the test with this fun role-playing game where their own political skills are assessed.

Primary debating resources

Introduce young students to key debating and public speaking skills that will stand them in good stead for their lives.

Democracy on film

From V for Vendetta to The Hunger Games, this resource from FILMCLUB UK will get students thinking about films that tackle issues of democracy.

Lights, camera, parliament!

This resource pack from Parliament Education Service encourages students to make a film about making a new law.

Parliamentary art

Discover the artworks of parliament with this series of videos from Parliament Education Service: