People who help us

Displays and photos

People who help us, photo/symbol cards

Photos of 12 people who help us and the situations in which they help.

People who help us - PowerPoint

PowerPoint with photos explaining the different jobs of the Police Service.

People who help us - Photo display pack

Photos for classroom display with clear captions.

People who help us display frieze

A printable frieze of people who help us for classroom displays.


EYFS medium term plans ?people who help us?

A good organisational structure for early years foundation stage medium term plans.

People who help us plans

A medium term teaching plan with each week focusing on a particular job where people help.

Fire station role play

Planning for fire station role play for foundation stage areas of early learning.

Early years foundation stage topic webs

Planning overview sheets to aid planning children’s learning.

Early years planning tracking

Keep track with tick boxes, all the elements of the early years foundation stage.

Games and activities

People who help us lotto game

Pictures on cards and playboards to print and laminate for a people who help us game.

People who help us photo/symbol IWB game

Game where children have to select who can help the person in the picture.

Early years topic ideas

Includes transport role play activities based on people who help us topic.

Fireman numbers 1-20

People who help us fireman numberline maths activity.

Role play area opticians

Posters and an appointment book for encouraging imagination and role playing

People who help us

Matching game made by Y6 children for nursery children


People who help us worksheets

Worksheets with clear photos to encourage imaginative play.

Label the fire fighters uniform

Picture of a fireman with boxes for writing labels for differnt items of his uniform.

Role play hospital templates

Templates to encourage role playing, writing and mark-making.

Vet role play

Posters, signs, appointment book for vet role playing.

Hospital / doctor role play set

Templates to set up a hospital or doctor’s surgery role play area.