Preparing for interview

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  • Help, I’ve got an interview!

    Well done! Getting the interview is a pretty good thing to have done, when you bear in mind that some posts have hundreds, hundreds, of applicants. So you have already impressed the interviewing panel enough to be chosen. Here are our interview tips…

  • What shall I wear to the interview?

    How you dress for your interview is very important. The impression that you make - and that means your personal presentation including how you are dressed - can impact favourably or unfavourably on the appointment panel. So what should you wear?

  • Using mind-mapping for interviews

    My main advice for interviews is always: do NOT learn answers off by heart! Much better to have prepared topic areas, thematic preparation, than just standard answers that you recite like a Dalek.

  • Daft interview questions

    If you were a car, what sort of car would you be? What should you answer to that question?

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