Presidents Day teaching resources

Presidents Day

Presidents Day is an American celebration taking place on the third Monday of February, honouring all past presidents of the United States of America. Our collection contains presidential fact files, games, podcasts and video resources exclusively for secondary level.

JFK new frontier

A Codebreaker game with the answer being JFK’s famous New Frontier speech.

JFK true or false

A true or false quiz on John F. Kennedy.

Affluent society

A PowerPoint detailing American Society after the war during the presidencies of Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower.

FDR codebreaker

This is a Codebreaker game on three famous Roosevelt quotations.

American history; Abraham Lincoln

Lesson examining Lincoln’s assassination linking Booth’s motives to Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation.

Presidential system

Lesson introducing the presidential system including the features of the presidential system and the provisions in the constitution.

US elections

A comprehensive group of revision aid articles for US elections over different years.

JFK new frontier podcast

This podcast, ideal for auditory learners, explains JFK and his ideas for the New Frontier.

Why did FDR win the 1932 election - Podcast

A podcast covering the reasons for Hoover’s unpopularity and FDR’s success.

What was the New Deal? Podcast

A podcast that explains FDR’s New Deal’s main aims - relief, recovery and reform.

JFK calls for a revolution

In 1962 President John F. Kennedy gave one of history’s most inspiring speeches when he launched a bold effort to go to the moon because of its difficulty. Greenpeace imagined how JFK would address the issue of climate.

I do solemnly swear

A collection of approximately 400 items or 2,000 digital files relating to inaugurations from George Washington’s in 1789 to George W. Bush’s inauguration of 2001.

Gettysburg address: A young boy’s story

A young boy listens to the Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address in 1863 and expresses how he feels about it, followed by positive newspaper reviews of the time.

Barack Obama worksheet – including picture

How inspirational is President Obama? Let your students decide using this fact sheet.

How successful was President George Bush Senior?

A lesson about the presidency of George H.W. Bush in which gets students to judge the success of his term as President.

Resources with our partner Have Fun With History

President Theodore Roosevelt

A video on Theodore Roosevelt and his many accomplishments including the building of the Panama Canal, signing of the Antiquities Act, and winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

Fireside chats on the New Deal

These clips deal with the New Deal. They include six of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Fireside Chats on the economic policy for fighting the Great Depression.

President Dwight Eisenhower

A video on President Eisenhower whose achievements included the beginning of the space program, instituting the interstate highway system and enlarging the Social Security program.

The face of Lincoln

Professor Merrell Gage describes the life and career of Abraham Lincoln as he sculpts a lifelike bust of the 16th President.

Harry Truman: A self-portrait

The life and presidency of Harry S. Truman produced by the Smithsonian.

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