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Last updated 2 July 2012

Our primary page highlights the best resources and the most valuable contributors on a regular basis. It's also an easy way to find primary resource collections and newsletters.

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TMDDodd, you have uploaded the most this week; thank you for sharing!

Forum Discussion of the Week

Are you very very tired? Having a great time with primary pupils who are ready for secondary school!

Featured Partner - Cool Coloring Pages

Free educational coloring pages for kids. Perfect for home childcare providers, and parents teaching children basic concepts at home.

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A growing group of teachers representing their subject on the TES website.

Weekly Highlights

Resource of the Week

KS1 Music - A Song For Leavers

KS2 English- How I Saved The World, newspaper report & hot seating activity

Topic 1 - Diamond Jubilee Collection

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 60 year reign over the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth territories this year (5 June). Use this celebration to explore the history of the British monarchy, engage with all things British and investigate the diverse cultures within her kingdom.

Topic 2 - Walk to School Week

Say goodbye to traffic jams, arriving late and parking stress this 'Walk to School Week' when over 1 million UK children will ditch the school run and put their feet firmly to the ground.

Cross Curricular Links in Art - all Key Stages


Mnemonic posters for spelling

Video of the Week

Story - Ganesh and The Banquet

Vicky Parsons, travelling storyteller, in India telling a funny little story about Ganesh, the elephant God.

Primary Collections

Behaviour management resources

TES collection Outdoor fun

Walk to School Week

(21 - 25 May)

Diamond Jubilee

(5 June)

World Environment Day

(5 June)

Articles on TES

Coming down to Earth

Approach teaching with gravity and dispel some myths.

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Essential subjects and topics for your classroom.

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Digital activities for whiteboards and little hands.

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Videos from the BBC to use in your classroom.

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Great Lesson Ideas and Lesson Starters - the best sets.

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More resources from Colin.

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About Colin Hill

Colin Hill is lead adviser for Primary on TES. He has taught throughout Foundation Stage, KS1 and KS2. He has led numeracy, assessment and ICT, believing integration of technology is a great way of engaging pupils in their learning.

He believes that sharing resources online offers teachers a great wealth of materials which can support their confidence in teaching maths while engaging and enthusing pupils in their learning. "Sharing has extensively developed my portfolio of resources," he says. "Contributing tips, lesson ideas and resources is a great way of developing knowledge in the different strands of the developing curriculum."

Colin is also currently studying for doctorate in education at the University of Glasgow.