Primary MFL

Languages teaching at KS2 (and also KS1) is now well established in many primary schools across the country. Much of the best primary practice has been entirely teacher-led as practitioners in the classroom have created new materials aimed at their own classes of learners. A wealth of that teacher material is available on TES resources and more is uploaded daily. Here is a sample of the range and variety of the excellent material already there:


Phonics resources


A resource to teach the ‘sounds’ of French. Designed with a multi-layered VAK approach to fixing new learning in longer term memory, each key sound is given an iconic word that represents it. This word is learnt through a visual, a gesture and the sound of the word itself.

French phonics work - tons of stuff!

A rich treasure trove of work on French phonics! Lots of activities to do in the classroom. One of the most popular resources ever - don’t miss this one!

Stories and poems

La Petite Poule Rouge

A PowerPoint version of the traditional story La Petite Poule Rouge. Like most such stories there is a clear, simple story line with language that repeats at each stage. A lovely way to introduce some animals and also to get learners used to hearing French, following along and using picture cues to help decode meaning.

Ma surprise du zoo

A French version in PowerPoint of the English story ‘Dear Zoo’ with a variety of follow up activities. As one teacher reviewer said: “Fantastic surprise! A whole lesson I don’t need to plan for. Lovely activities, c’est formidable!”

Night before Christmas - French version

A French version of ‘The Night before Christmas’ in an illustrated PowerPoint, the author also provides a link to a musical version of the poem. A lovely resource.

Other resources

French in the World

A lovely set of display posters to highlight countries where French is spoken around the world.

Jeux Olympiques

An excellent resource using a CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) approach. Very clear visuals and simplified language to teach the history of the modern Olympics. This would be an excellent introduction to sports in general or would lead on to further work looking ahead to the London Olympics.

Simple weather French primary resource

A very useful, clear set of worksheets to practise language for describing weather in French.

Song resources

Weather song

Audio included with this song for teaching present tense weather expressions in French.

Dans la ferme de MacDonald

PowerPoint and audio resource using the French version of Old MacDonald.

French Songs

A set of really useful songs to use in the classroom with younger learners


A PowerPoint to go with the song ‘C’est l’Halloween’ which is by Matt Maxwell. The lyrics are very clear and easy to follow - learners will be able to sing along with this one.


Phonics resources


The now legendary phonics resource for teaching the sounds of German to beginner learners - written by Leigh McClellend from Comberton Village College

German phonics starter 1

A rhyme to practise pronunciation patterns

Stories and poems

Three little pigs

A resource from the renowned work of the Northumberland Grid for Learning in the form of a German version of The Three Little Pigs.

Der Schneemann

A short, simple poem with some very useful thoughts about how to use this in the classroom.

Songs resources

Was isst du gern Lied

Song on theme of eating and drinking to the Adams Family Theme.


A song that works amazingly well with beginner learners of German - a sure winner!

Other lesson resources

Germany Introduction and greetings

An excellent first lesson with an introduction to Germany plus greetings. I like the video montage very much and actually think that because of the clarity of the images, the text could be in German, which is the only change I would make to this.

Wie feierst du deinen Geburtstag?

Very appealing, well-planned PowerPoint on language for celebrating your birthday.

Zoo Project German

A lovely series of lessons for primary language learners.


Phonics resources

Phonics 1

This very popular resource teaches the 16 main sounds of Spanish for English speakers, i.e. the key spelling-sound differences between Spanish and English. The approach uses a layered approach to memorising these sounds, which are embedded in key words and learnt through visual stimulus, the sound of the word and the all important gesture.

Spanish Phonics 2

Lesson 2 in the series is used to consolidate phonics knowledge and develop it further through fun activities.

Phonics Cognates Listening starter

A simple activity to help learners to hear and respond to the sounds of Spanish.

Phonics - Trabalenguas 1

Tonguetwisters are fun and useful when fixing the sounds of the language.

Stories and poems

La cenicienta

A very simple script for Cinderella with lots of potential for different uses in the classroom.

Hungry Caterpillar story

An animated PowerPoint version of this Eric Carle gem in Spanish (with sound effects).

El nabo gigante

A Spanish PowerPoint version of this well known story.

Spanish Sleeping Beauty

12 lines of text tell this well-known story very clearly. I would use this in lots of ways, perhaps starting with a telling of the story supported by visuals, followed by a card sorting where learners listen to a re-telling and put 12 picture cards in order.

Other lesson resources

Guy Fawkes and bonfire night

A whole set of resources to use with Years 3 - 6 on the theme of Guy Fawkes, including a song + soundfile, a telling of the story in Spanish, card-sorting activity, vocabulary presentation and practice.


An extensive set of materials used with Years 3 - 6 on the theme of Halloween. Includes a story, vocabulary presentation and practice, Sudoku, a song, battleships and bingo.

Juan Miro

Some good ideas for using shapes and colours to practise simple sentence-building in the creative context of Juan Miro style art work.

Classroom instructions

Useful PowerPoint to teach some classroom instructions.

Song resources

5 children’s Spanish songs

Excellent resource with audio and lyrics - 5 well-known Spanish songs for children

Rima y canción

Lovely resource using a very well-chosen song to explore rhyme. Language is extremely accessible and appropriate to beginner learners of Spanish too.

Partes del Cuerpo

Juan Pequeño Baila is a well-known song that works very well in the primary classroom. This resource includes a sound file and PowerPoint.

Spanish colour song

Verse of colours to sing to the tune ‘Way to amarillo’ plus some good visuals to illustrate the different colours.

Primary Assessment for Learning materials

Y3 Objectives

Useful overview of the objectives pupils should aim to achieve in year 3.

Making and marking progress

A starter pack developed by Asset Languages and CILT to help teachers assess progress in language learning at KS2 - this one is for French. An excellent resource for teacher and primary languages co-ordinators.