PSHE Food, health and body-image

Knowing what food is good for you and how to get the balance right can be key factors to a positive body-image, which can be very difficult to maintain in a society obsessed with fashion and celebrity culture. These resources can be used to spark off a discussion or classroom debate, giving pupils a chance to express their opinions, or as part of a class project on the topic.

Resources from Teachers TV

Eating disorders

This video explores the relationship between body image, food, and emotional struggles through the experiences of one young person.

Food diaries

Two 11 year olds are challenged to eat their 5 a day for a week, and video their efforts. Watch this video with your class and inspire them to take up a good habit.

More resources

Healthy Eating

This session develops skills and knowledge of healthy eating and healthy living for secondary pupils.

Balance of Good Health: Exploring via the web

A guided exploration of the topic through a series of questions, with suggested websites to investigate the answers.

Debating Matters Competition - Topic Guide - Organic Food

The Debating Matters Competition’s acclaimed Topic Guide series, created for sixth-form student debaters. The debate motion is “We should embrace Organic Food”.

Eating Well

This PowerPoint presentation includes information, pictures, and tasks aimed at students aged 11-16.

Healthy-eating quiz

Try this multiple choice quiz, which tests students on the main aspects of a nutritionally-balanced diet.

Healthy attitudes to eating

Six easy to follow PowerPoint lessons dealing with the topic of Healthy Eating.

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