Rate and review resources - Read more quotes from contributors

Why rate and review resources?

Rating and reviewing the resources that you download on TES is your chance to say ‘thank you’ to the people who created them.

Leaving feedback not only offers a little motivation to those who are sharing, but also provides a system of peer review which helps other teachers to decide if a resource is right for them. With your support, we can ensure that quality teaching resources never go unrecognised.

The TES community could not exist without the contributors who share their hard work on our site. Please take the time to rate and review - your appreciation really does go a long way!

Simon Porter
“After a hard day it gives you a great feeling to read a nice comment.”

Miss R
“It makes me feel proud of the work that I have shared. On my highest rated resource, someone once wrote 'I am your new biggest fan, thank you!' That felt pretty special!”

Jinky Dabon
“It always feels good when a member takes time to go through my resources and express their appreciation. It encourages me to create more resources.”

Matthew Mattakad
“Teachers are busy. But if you use a resource, a simple thank you goes a long way to encourage the teacher who has taken the trouble to prepare it.”

Gavin Smart
“The best reviews always include a little anecdote of how they used the resource in the lesson and feedback from teachers which include a comment or a reaction from students.”

Maria Carolina Taboada
“One member game me a couple of ideas on a resource once and I felt TES was more than a wall to post on, but a place where I could improve my teaching.”

“It's great to know that people are using your resources and that they've felt strongly enough to leave feedback. I'm open to negative reviews so long as they're reasonable and grounded in factual or anecdotal evidence (there was a mistake / it didn't go well in class etc.).”

“Just get stuck in and do it. Even if it is your initial judgment before trialing in a class. Do it while you are downloading it. Come back and add another comment if you need to later.”

Content Partners:

“The reviews we receive for our resources on TES really help us to measure how useful they are for teachers and enables us to improve our work.”

Send a Cow
“Each time I see that someone has reviewed one of our lessons positively it brings a smile to my face, and I know that somewhere a teacher is also smiling!"

Film Education
“Reviews from teachers and feedback on the content we produce is always extremely welcome. What is really helpful from our perspective is knowing why a teacher finds a particular resource so good, as we can tailor future content to meet teachers' needs.”

The Poetry Society
‘We find it enormously helpful, and often enlightening, when users review our resources. We know how busy teachers are and for someone to take the time to offer us a moment of reflection and feedback is really powerful.”

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