Refugee Week

Refugee Week (15-21 June) is a unique opportunity to discover and celebrate the contribution of refugees to society and to promote a better understanding of why people leave their homes in need of a sanctuary. We’ve selected some great free resources to help you and your students take part in this year’s event. For more resources, visit the official Refugee Week profile.

Child refugees

These videos from BBC Class Clips explore the stories of child refugees.

Refugees: Parvana’s journey

Follow one refugee’s fight for freedom, explored through the novel Parvana’s Journey.

Celebrating refugees

What is a refugee? What is an asylum seeker? Why do people become refugees? Use these display posters to help students understand and celebrate refugees.

Real life refugee story: The Terminal

Explore the true refugee story behind Steven Spielberg’s famous film The Terminal.

Refugees and human rights

Get students reading about refugees and human rights while learning a new language and developing their writing technique with these free resources from TES Connect partner Hamilton Trust.

Refugee biographies

This resource from Hamilton Trust will turn students into authors as they write and research the life-story of an inspirational refugee.

Reality for refugees

Allow students to explore, write and research the life-story of an inspirational refugee.

Refugee dilemma posters

What would you do in some of the extremely difficult situations faced by refugees? Pose some difficult theoretical questions to your students with these posters from the UN Refugee Agency.

Seaching for a safe place

Refugee students and celebrities discuss their reasons for leaving their homeland in an emotional video by Show Racism the Red Card.

Safe place stories

Explore personal experiences and media perceptions of asylum seekers and refugees in Show Racism the Red Card’s resource pack.

A refugee journey

From perceptions to imprisonment, debate refugee status in this six-lesson scheme of work.

Challenges and difficulties facing refugees

This lesson from TES Connect partner ChristianAid encourages students to relate to refugees.

Refugee lessons

Conflict is a common cause for refugees to flee; explore personal stories in this active lesson plan from Kidogo.

Welcome a refugee visitor

Welcome a refugee visitor into school with a guide from the EmployabilityForum.

Refugee feelings

What does it feel like to be a refugee? Take a look at this assembly designed by TrueTube focusing on refugees’ feelings.

Becoming a refugee

Follow the journeys of several young people and find out how they became refugees in these real-life stories from TES partner Christian Aid.

Refugees and asylum

Explore the threats that force refugees to leave their homeland in a lesson from TES partner Amnesty International.

Refugees and media misconceptions

Help students to analyse media messages and break down myths about migrants, refugees and asylum seekers with a lesson from TES partner Hamilton Trust.

Teachers TV videos: Refugees

These videos from Teachers TV provide an insight into the lives of refugees and would make an excellent supplement to a lesson on asylum.