Registration and account help

Registration and account help

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Registration and account help

What is a valid username?

A valid username can be anything between 3 and 30 characters and may contain numbers. We do not allow spaces or symbols in a user name.

Can I create multiple usernames?

No, it’s not possible to create multiple usernames linked to the same email address.

When trying to register, I get an error message ‘This email address already exists’. What does this mean?

If you get this error message, this means we already have an account linked to your email address. You can reset the login details linked to your email address by clicking on Reset Login

I haven’t received a TES activation email. What shall I do?

The activation email is sent as soon as you complete the registration process. Activation email should be delivered in your inbox, however, please remember to check your SPAM / Junk folder as well. If you can’t find the activation email, please contact quoting your username.

Is it possible to change my username?

Yes, send an email request to from the email address registered on our site quoting your preferred new username. Please remember symbols or spaces are not allowed in a username. You may wish to perform a people search by using the search functionality on our website (top of the page) to check if your preferred new user name is still available. Select ‘People’ from the drop down menu, enter your preferred user name in the search box and hit enter to perform a search.

How do I delete my existing registration?

To remove your existing registration, please email Remember to include your TES username and send your request from the registered email address.

I have forgotten my username/password.

You can reset your login details by clicking on Reset Login.

How can I change the email address/password linked to my TES registration?

To change your email address or password, log onto the site. Once logged in, click on your user name appearing at the top of the page. From the options, select ‘Account’ followed by ‘change account details’.

I am unable to login even though my login details are correct. I do not get an error message.

Please ensure that the date and time (including time zone) on your computer is correct. Incorrect settings can stop you from logging in. If all the settings are correct, please email