Remembrance Day teaching resources

Secondary History teacher John Blake, in his article ‘The first casualty: truth’, argues that in teaching children we must abandon acceptance of myths about the First World War and teach the conflict as it really was.

Listen to our special World War I podcast where John Blake & Dr Catriona Pennell from the University of Exeter discuss how we teach the First World War.

Discover the best teaching ideas and classroom resource highlights in our special blogs for primary and secondary teachers; the First World War in the primary classroom and the First World War in the secondary classroom.

These Remembrance Day assemblies, activities and free teaching resources will help your students to understand and commemorate those who have lost their lives as a result of war.

Remembrance Day teaching resources

Remembrance assembly

Introduce Remembrance Day with this good assembly, which includes some great editable images.

Remembrance Day presentation

This resource is fantastic for primary school. It includes simple information and clear explanation as to why we wear poppies.

Poppy Day crossword

This task would make a great plenary. The crossword could also be used as a homework activity.

Remembrance Day presentation

Primary school pupils will appreciate this excellent presentation, which contains good pictures and simple text.

Remembrance Day poppies activity

Here is a thoroughly enjoyable activity designed for primary school children.

Remembrance Day word mat

This printable resource is great for keyword spelling to display or to hand to the pupils. Most suited to younger learners.

What are we remembering?

These powerful images and questions are perfect to stimulate discussion and debate.

Remembrance assembly with attachments

Although intended as an assembly, this resource can also be used as a lesson. The pictures are emotive and thought-provoking.

In Flanders Fields lesson

A mix of history and English. A great way to analyse poetry with clear historical links.

First World War in a nutshell

This lesson requires students to write a remembrance poem after examining several sources.

Remembrance Day poster

This poster activity could be used as part of an ICT lesson, a consolidation task or a homework activity.

Remembrance Day slideshow

Show your class this PowerPoint presentation, which contains images of conflict from WW1 to the present day. The activity which follows has clear success criteria and is ready to use.

Why poppies?

This scheme of work can be used to plan a selection of lessons on the theme of Remembrance Day.

Art and design remembrance lesson

Try out an alternative way to teach about Remembrance Day, incorporating cross-curricular links.

Remembrance Day

This PowerPoint presentation and quiz activity are great to use during tutor time or in a lesson.

Remembrance VCOP

This starter activity with vocabulary and sentence starters prepares pupils for a Remembrance Day writing exercise.

Create a Remembrance Day asssembly

Guide students towards creating a Remembrance Day assembly with this well-planned set of resources.

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