Resources - Accepted file types

Accepted file types

You can share any of the following file formats:

  • Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
  • AVI video (.avi)
  • Basic audio (.au)
  • Bitmap image (.bmp)
  • Easiteach (.et)
  • GIF Image (.gif)
  • HTML (.html, .htm)
  • JPEG Image (.jpeg, .jpg)
  • Microsoft Excel (.xls, xlsx)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt, pptx)
  • Microsoft Publisher (.pub)
  • Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx)
  • MP3 Audio (.mp3)
  • MPEG Video (.mpeg, .mpe, .mpg)
  • Portable Network Graphic (.png)
  • Promethean (.flp / .flipchart)
  • Quicktime Video (.mov, .qt)
  • Rich Text (.rtf)
  • Real Audio (.ra)
  • Shockwave Flash (.swf)
  • Smartboard (.xbk, .notebook)
  • Starboard (.yar)
  • Text Document (.txt)
  • Windows Media Audio (.wma)
  • Windows Media Video (.wmv)
  • XML (.xml)
  • Sibelius (.sib)

Please note that the maximum file size for resource uploads is 50Mb.

If you are unclear about accepted resource file types, email for guidance.