Resources - Code of Conduct

Resources code of conduct

Uploading resources

  • Please ensure that you either hold the copyright for the resources you are uploading or have the permission of the copyright holder to upload their content.
  • Please make sure that any hyperlinks within a resource conform to our third-party link rules.
  • Make sure to give your resource a meaningful title and description (including, where necessary, details such as learning objective and how to use the resource).
  • Please do not split your resources into multiple documents and upload them as individual resources if they do not make sense in isolation.
  • Make sure that the content you upload is appropriate for the intended target audience and learning objectives.

Rating and reviewing resources

  • Please leave constructive criticism when reviewing resources. If you have given a resource a poor rating, explain why. Unhelpful or abusive ratings and reviews will be removed.
  • Please do not leave a poor review if you are unable to open a resource. If you are having difficulty opening a file, please see here for a list of file types and software, or email
  • Do not use the comments on resources to promote or link to third-party content or websites.