Resources for trainee and new teachers

Resources for trainee and new teachers

Teachers who are just starting out in the profession can find practical advice and classroom materials to help make the journey from trainee to NQT as easy as possible in this collection of resources that have been reviewed and recommended by TES users.

New teachers’ classroom guide
This handbook showcases some of our best resources to help new teachers settle into their role.

NQT top tips
Follow these top tips to make sure that you start your NQT year on the right foot.

AfL toolkit
An easy-to-navigate toolkit with ideas that are transferable across stages and subjects.

Primary class starter kit
Icebreaker activities, reward schemes, target-setting worksheets and classroom organisation materials.

Lesson planning

Pro forma
Adapt and edit this lesson plan pro forma to your own needs.

Lesson planning
Save time while planning lessons by using this semi-automated spread sheet tool.

Week-to-view templates
Set out your lessons for the week with these planning templates.

Lesson plan pro formas
Use these editable templates, available in three formats, to assist with your lesson planning.

Professional skills tests and teaching standards

Professional skills test – spelling
Use this simple practice sheet to cover commonly-misspelt words before taking the skills test.

Example evidence for teaching standards
Make sure that you provide the best possible evidence of meeting the teaching standards by referring to these examples.

NQT evidence portfolio
This guide helps identify the purpose behind compiling an evidence portfolio and gives helpful hints as to how to maximise evidence.

New teaching standards
All the new teaching standards on one, manageable page for quick reference.


Marking stickers
Save time when marking with these sticker templates to encourage student feedback.

Feedback and marking policy
This whole-school marking policy contains a guide for parents to increase understanding and engagement.

Rainbow marking
Use this colour-coded system to aid assessment and marking pupils’ written work.

Marking and assessment strategy booklet
A detailed and comprehensive marking and assessment strategy booklet full of ideas and advice to use in your classroom.


Use this template, which contains specific focus areas, to structure your notes when you observe other teachers.

Tips for observing and feedback
Put yourself in your observer's shoes with these tips and sentence starters to keep observation feedback focused on learning and progress.

These forms can be used to help identify which areas of your classroom practice require improvement or development.

Focusing on questioning, these observation sheets are useful for determining the types and styles of questions used in class.

Differentiation and EAL

Differentiation inspiration
Over 50 ideas and strategies for planning accessible and challenging lessons.

Differentiation deviser
Strategies, activities and techniques for differentiation that can be used across subjects and stages.

EAL toolkit
A collection of ideas for helping EAL learners, all in one place.

EAL mats
Help to support EAL students in lessons with these learning mats.

Your must-have classroom toolkit

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