Revision techniques

Revision techniques to help your students master the art of revision. We’ve put together a collection of free revision aids including Jedi mind-trick revision lesson ideas, revision games, the 10 commandments of exam success and ways to identify personal learning styles.

Revision: Keys to success

TES Connect has teamed up with motivational speaker Lee Jackson to produce a series of videos designed to get even the most reluctant reviser on course for exam season.


Revision techniques

Make your own revision game

Put your students into groups and give each one a different topic to revise before playing this wonderfully adaptable revision game.

Jedi Mind Tricks – revision

Use a different kind of Force to get your students to revise with this Jedi Mind Trick lesson plan, which will help them learn revision techniques.

Revision techniques

Reassuring revision guidance and advice to help you prepare your students for their exams.

Student revision booklet

Talk your students through revision styles, planning and exam techniques with this recommended revision booklet.

Motivational revision booklet

A selection of ideas to help you teach examination skills and motivate students to reach their full potential.

10 commandments to life/exams

Take a look at this PDF resource for the top 10 pieces of advice students will need as they prepare for the exams.

True or false maths revision activity

A simple but effective maths revision tool that can be adapted for individual learning levels.

Active revision skills

A great set of lesson plans for active revision sessions which can be adapted to any lesson topic for GCSE or KS3.

Revision aids

A very helpful timetable and some revision information sheets – suitable for Key Stage 4.

Revision tutorial

A revision tutorial to help students consider different revision techniques and how to use them.