Revision tips and skills

Revision: Keys to success

Find revision tips and learn revision skills in this series of videos from motivational speaker Lee Jackson. The short videos are ideal for use during tutor time, or as a starter to encourage students to share revision techniques that they have found useful. Our recommended revision resources include free revision games and resources for all subjects including English revision, maths revision and science revision for GCSE, Sats and A Levels.

Revision skills videos

Recommended revision resources

How to revise: A booklet for KS3

  • A fun and informative revision pack from TES English with revision tips and advice, and colourful pictures.

Exams - face your fear!

  • An assembly from TrueTube with some great practical advice for anyone who is facing the fear of exams.

Revision tips

  • Use this PowerPoint as an introduction into study skills, and to help your pupils to gain the confidence of independent study.

Preparing for exams

  • This PowerPoint gives a great introduction of how to revise and prepare for exams.

Revision techniques

  • Prepare your students for exam season with this collection of free revision resources.