Royal Shakespeare Company

TES welcomes the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC)

The RSC is one of the world's best known theatre companies. The purpose of their education work is to make Shakespeare vivid, accessible and enjoyable for young people and their teachers. They prioritise working with those who don't have easy access to the RSC and other cultural experiences. TES Resources are delighted to welcome the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) who are now sharing some of their fantastic teaching resources on TES.

Visit their profile for Romeo & Juliet teaching packs, language resources, teaching tools, videos and more.

What they've said:

We are delighted to be working as a content partner with TES: As the largest network of teachers in the world, they offer support to teachers for the real issues that face them. We hear from teachers every day who tell us that many students who find Shakespeare boring say that sitting at desks and reading the plays, rather than performing them, is one of the main frustrations. Our vision is that children engage with Shakespeare in the classroom in the same way that actors and directors do in the rehearsal room, actively speaking the text aloud, unlocking its meaning and making it their own. Through our relationship with TES, we hope that our approaches to teaching Shakespeare actively will be picked up and used in a wider range of classrooms around the world.

Teaching Shakespeare: RSC & University of Warwick

Teaching Shakespeare

Teaching Shakespeare is a ground-breaking education partnership between the Royal Shakespeare Company and the University of Warwick. It offers teachers access to a unique programme of specially-created online resources and courses that blend the RSC's playful, creative and rigorous approaches to teaching and learning with the world-leading scholarship and research practices of the University of Warwick.

Our graduate courses and resources are designed for serving teachers and theatre practitioners working with young people, from experienced specialists to those beginning their professional careers.

For sample lessons visit their profile on TES.

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