Rugby World Cup

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The 2011 Rugby World Cup will be the seventh Rugby World Cup, a quadrennial international rugby union competition inaugurated in 1987. The event is scheduled to be played in New Zealand over seven weekends from 10 September 2011 until the weekend starting 22 October 2011.

Primary Rugby resources

Rugby Level Descriptors

  • Assessment posters for KS2 / 3. Can be used easily by pupils and staff

Rugby World Cup Data

  • Spreadsheet of Rugby world cup to be used for data handling in Maths and ICT.

Rugby blob tag

  • Small game of tag with a difference for tag rugby.

Rugby Report

  • Use this apptivity to help pupils to write a report about Rugby.

New Zealand

New Zealand Resources

  • These resources include an intro to NZ, a traditional tale of how Maui tamed the sun, an activity making tattooed Maori masks, a dance lesson teaching the Haka and much more.

In the news Geography - New Zealand Earthquake

  • Discuss impact of recent earthquake for the local people of New Zealand and for others involved in disaster recovery.

New Zealand images

  • Images to support a unit on NZ

Aotearoa God Defend New Zealand

  • Students are provided with lyrics to the national anthem of New Zealand, God Defend New Zealand.

Secondary Rugby resources

Speaking and Listening - Role Play

  • Role play based on choosing a ‘dream team’.

Rugby Union Rules Booklet

  • Booklet simplifying the rules of rugby union for both teachers and pupils.

Rugby games for understanding

  • Two simple games to help develop rugby by using a more game sense approach.

Rugby world cup booklet

  • A booklet of activities ready for the rugby world cup.

Rugby World Cup Maths

  • Daily maths activities related to the World Cup

Learn Rugby

  • This learning resource helps you learn the skills and techniques involved in the game of rugby.

Rugby Tackling Technique

  • Resource designed to support learners understanding of the correct teaching points of the tackle technique.

Rugby Score Cards

  • Four rugby score cards for referee’s use during a game.

Rugby World Cup 2011 worksheet

  • Pupils to match up the countries in this year’s rugby world cup.

New Zealand

New Zealand earthquake (2011) resources

  • These two resources work together to provide pupils with an insight into the recent earthquake.

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