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Pupil rewards

Getting the best from your pupils often means tapping into their need for recognition and praise - here are some simple but effective tools to help you do just that.

Resources collated by Tom Bennett.



Reward stickers

Great reward stickers if your kids are fans of a certain yellow cartoon boy from Springfield.


Photocopiable resource that can be made into quick, attractive stickers.


Behaviour charts

Star chart - reward and monitor behaviour

A personal behaviour report that focuses on the positive.

Effort league table

A whole class reward chart based on a football league table.

Homework hero reward chart

Themed reward chart focusing on homework.

Behaviour chart

Racing car chart designed to be used with ticks or stickers.

Golden time chart & credit record chart

Two more charts: one designed to track progress, another to track golden time accumulation.

Reward charts

A personalised behaviour page the teacher can use to encourage achievement.

Individual reward charts

Personalised individual charts that can be stuck in the pupil’s book and ticked off.

Pirate ship reward chart

Everyone likes pirates! Laminate these to create a wall-based game to track progress.


Posters and certificates

Eager Beaver motivation poster

Laminate this eager beaver poster and give it to your hero of the day.

Reward & well done certificates

Reward certificates that kids will run home to show their parents.

Winter Star of the Day certificate

Daily certificate to reward the children of your choice.

Reward certificate

Elegant certificate that allows you to specify the amount of reward given, and why.

Star of the week poster

A poster designed to highlight that special pupil and raise esteem.

Mini reward certificates

Print onto sticky-back paper for instant rewards.


Wristband rewards

Reward wristband punctuation

Cute reward wristband that emphasises punctuation.

Reward wristband

An unusual twist on the reward slip- a wristband that will undoubtedly be worn for days.


Reward slips and postcards

Postcards to parents

Cute postcards to communicate great work to parents.

Well done reward slips

Reward slips with an elegant, scroll-like design.

Award Tags - A nice reward for good behaviour!

Another way to award the younger pupils with a series of unusual tags.


General resources

Catch them being good

Nice mix of PowerPoints and activities for children and teachers to use to understand rules and rewards.

Widgit- good behaviour

A behaviour chart with a range of stickers to aim for, like bingo, to achieve a reward.

Star of the Day presentation

Powerpoint for when you really want to make a fuss of someone at the end of the day.

My merit card

Merit card with space for stickers.

Rewards and incentives

Teachers TV video discussing how different teachers view rewards.


Tom offers behaviour management advice in the TES forums where you can speak to him if you have a question or are looking for some guidance.

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