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Safety Advice

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Do NOT give out the address or phone number of your home, work or school. Forums are public and if you do disclose personal information online, it could be collected and used by Third Parties to send you unsolicited materials.

If you receive an unpleasant personal message, you can delete this. If you wish to report an offensive PM (personal message) you must take a screenshot of this and email it to us.

In addition, we request that you do not ask other members for their personal information.

As well as the obvious dangers of giving out your phone number or address, please be wary of giving out your email address.

If you do give out your email address you should not post this but provide it via a PM (personal message). In particular, do not open emails with attachments from people you don’t know, as these could potentially be carrying viruses or other harmful programs.

If you decide to meet another TES member in person, please follow these guidelines:

  • Get a friend to accompany you
  • Always tell someone you trust about where, when, and who you are meeting
  • Always meet in a public place of your choice

We hope your experience on TES is a pleasant one but if not, do not hesitate to Report abuse.