School groups

School groups

The international school market has grown significantly in recent years, as a result of increased mobility by expatriate families and a dramatic rise in the number of local children attending international schools as a route to improved educational opportunities.

There are now 6,000 English-medium international schools throughout the world and these schools account for 2.8 million students worldwide. By 2021, ISC Research anticipates this number rise to 10,000 international schools by 2021, teaching a total of 5.7million students and employing 545,000 English-speaking staff.

We have developed an advertising option specifically for International School Groups. This includes preferential pricing, dedicated account management and leadership role assistance.

How TES can help international school groups

Bespoke packages - We can create a bespoke package tailored to suit your needs. Subject to the number of roles you wish to advertise, subject of role, budget and time of year.

Advice – Our team of consultants can advise on all areas of recruitment, like the best time to place adverts and how to advertise for hard-to fill roles. At the end of the process, you’ll have the right recruitment campaign to suit your budget and your needs.

Dedicated Customer Service – A dedicated person has been appointed to the international team (contact details below) who is on hand help you with any questions you may have.

Branding Support – TES Creative can help you meet the branding challenge, providing high impact, high quality collateral and design.

Leadership recruitment services with TES Prime – TES Prime can help you in all aspects of the leadership recruitment process, including; attracting, headhunting, assessing and selecting candidates, for permanent or interim leaders, this service is tailored to your requirements and we will work with to recruit the best person for your leadership role.

For more information, contact us.