School trips teaching resources

Ensure your off-site experience runs as smoothly as possible with this collection of free resources from TES, which includes everything from paperwork templates and risk assessment forms to information on excellent locations and videos of successful trips.

Planning and running trips

A simple guide to running trips

From TES behaviour adviser Tom Bennett, this simple guide is a must-read for things to consider when planning and running your trip.

Risk assessment of a residential trip

This easy-to-read template gives examples of identified risks and additional controls for a 6-day trip to France.

Understanding risk assessment

This useful presentation introduces how to identify hazards and risk, how to suggest additional controls and how to plan your paperwork.

Things to think about when taking hearing impaired students on off-site activities

A detailed risk assessment to ensure you cater for the needs of your hearing impaired pupils on visits.

Teachers TV: Safe school trips

Watch this video to learn about the positive impact off-site visits can have on pupils. The video is supported by an accompanying leaflet of government guidance on staying safe on trips.

Teachers TV: Following up the school trip

Extend the off-site learning experience by incorporating these ideas for follow-up activities..


Visit ideas

Tate tools

This extensive collection of downloadable material has been produced by the Tate for use on class trips to the Tate Modern, but can also be useful for visits to other galleries.

Organic farm visit

An insight into a primary visit to an organic farm where pupils learned about the links between food and farming.

School trips: How to maximise learning

See how teachers get the most out of their excursions in this video of trips to Barcelona and Hartlepool.

Eco-adventure in the Lakes

Follow this group of Year 9 students on a residential course to explore the natural environment in the Lake District.

English Heritage resources

Teacher trip guide: Castles

If you are preparing or considering visits to castles built in England between the 11th and 15th centuries, use this guide which contains lots of interesting background historical information for teachers.

Teacher trip guide: Historic houses

A guide to planning visits to historic houses so that pupils can enjoy, learn from and appreciate the experience. It covers houses from the medieval period onwards.

Teacher trip guide: Mills

Use this background information about Stott Park Bobbin Mill to support a visit, to explore the Lancashire textile industry or to investigate the industrial revolution.

Teacher trip guide: Roman sites

A guide to using the evidence left behind by the Roman occupation of Britain. It looks in detail at forts, villas, towns, industrial sites, temples and burials with resource sheets for use in the classroom.

Teacher trip guide: Abbeys

Ideal for pupils of all ages, this booklet informs teachers about the historical importance of abbeys and how to make the most of educational visits.